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The Super Hunch sketch pad canvas

The following sketch pad is designed to be printed on Legal sized paper (8.5 x 14 inches):

The sketch pad

The online opportunity seeding toolkits

The following online collaborative toolkits are all available for your use completely for free for non commercial purposes:

Google Docs Toolkit

This opens the Google Docs template designed for the Super Hunch sketch pad. To get started, just click “use this template” and begin.

See the tutorial provided below for the basics on how to use this tool. You can also learn more about using Google Docs here. Toolkit

Go to

This opens the website, within which the tools are embedded. To get started, just create a new mural and open the Really Big Idea spaces.

You can learn more here and in the video tutorial below.

Learn more

The following tutorials are here to help:

Designing a Super Hunch in

(See also the great tutorial posted here.)

You can go to 8:08 to skip the context and get straight to the stuff.

Designing a Super Hunch in Google Drive

Fundamentals of opportunity modeling

This section of the page contains a whole bunch of great teaching resources for people who want to build a learning environment and exercise the tools that will help someone else design a super hunch. They also help someone wanting to structure a session or a workshop for a group of people (in accordance with The Innographer Open Educator License.)

To gain educator access, follow the “two simple steps” found here.

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  1. Eve B. Córdova V.

    I want to use this with my students. I found this is such a great way to teach Innovation. Thanks! :>

    • Alex Bruton

      Thank you Eve. Please let me know how it goes!

  2. Really go tools, my congrats to Alex. l got wonderful experience in my classes, hope to see the whole tool in spanish .

    • Alex Bruton

      Very glad to hear it Angel. Let’s be in touch!

  3. Alex- saw your presentation at the USASBE conference. You reinforced my own commitment to the early stage ideation process and provided a set of tools applicable for a wide variety of entrepreneurship education audiences. Thanks.

    • Alex Bruton

      Thank you very much Peter! I hope we can chat while still both here in person…

  4. Dr. Bruton, after having seen your impressive presentation during the Oklahoma State University Experiential Classroom XIII, I was determined to integrate your materials in my Information Systems courses. I remain in awe! Basically, “you had me at Hello”. Please allow me access to the Super Hunch Collaborative Tools for my students.

    • Alex Bruton

      Thank you Kathaleena! I am back on my feet now after my trip and about to call you…

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  6. Great website!


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