The Innographer is a practical open education and innovation design firm that helps people (learn to) innovate.

We operate as a social business with the goal of having as much impact as possible in the world around us by helping people build their innovation literacy. Have a look around. Or learn a little about what we call the Innovation Literacy Opportunity. It’s what gets us up out of bed every day …

Alex Bruton's TEDx Talk on Innovation Literacy | Why We Need to Innovate How We Learn to Innovate

“What struck me was something I now call the Innovation Literacy Opportunity. … the 18-25 year-old students were no better at certain key innovation tasks than the grade six and seven students had been. And the people in each of the non-profit, corporate, and startup settings weren’t really any better than the students had been at those tasks.”

– Dr. Alex Bruton, President of The Innographer