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You can innovate. And your organization does great stuff every day – the stuff of deep experience, great work delivered on time, and consistency in meeting goals. But that’s not enough. Alex Bruton knows that for individuals and organizations to truly flourish, they need to achieve a different kind of innovation called Really Big Value Innovation. Great leaders do this by deliberately designing and leading the kind of opportunities that can’t help change the world around us because they are at the same time eminently feasible, deeply personally inspiring, and highly impactful.

From Waterloo, to Moscow, to Mexico, to Mason City, Alex and his business, The Innographer, have worked with entrepreneurial organizations and educational institutions around the world to help them (learn to) innovate for Really Big Value. His talks are practical, visually engaging, and inspiring calls to action that arm individuals and their teams to design ideas that have deep impact, be dramatically more productive, and lead success for themselves and others. Participants leave inspired by new ways of thinking and with the tools they need to start right away.

His internationally award-winning programs and workshops have guided leaders of teams and organizations from around the world. Through these and his extended/embedded engagements, he has helped managers, technical experts, creative geniuses, educators, students, and entrepreneurs to become leaders of their own Really Big Value change-making initiatives and cultures.

Alex has been an inventor (of some exciting stuff); the co-founder and VP of startups (both for profit and social businesses); co-founder of an innovation department (that failed spectacularly); a project and product manager (amazingly fun); and, quite by accident, a professor of innovation and entrepreneurship (a role in which he was named the Entrepreneurial Educator of the Year in Canada). He earned a PhD in engineering in his mid twenties, and over his career since that time has since earned a degree in innovation and led the design of award winning learning and development experiences for boosting creativity, developing innovators, and unlocking the power of ideation.

Over the decades, his favorite work, speaking and facilitation gigs have taken him to exciting places such as the research labs of advanced technology groups; the ice floes of Greenland; and the offices of some pretty amazing organizations, including Google.

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Topics of talks Alex has given recently

  • Most of your ideas suck (but they don’t have to)
  • Innovating how you innovate
  • Tapping the corporate entrepreneur
  • There’s no such thing as a social entrepreneur (and the 5 steps for becoming one)
  • Riding the wave of disruptive innovation in education
  • Why we need to innovate how we learn to innovate

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Alex is passionate about helping people and organizations seize their full potential. A dynamic and engaging innovation keynote speaker, he brings the perfect balance of energizing storytelling and compelling visuals blended with real-world experience and credibility. He inspires and he moves audiences to take action by offering practical and effective approaches to driving better business and entrepreneurial outcomes.

And he helps educators get to the leading edge of how to teach and learn for innovation and entrepreneurship.

The Innographer is a practical open education and innovation design firm that helps people (learn to) innovate. It operates as a social business with the goal of having as much impact as possible in the world around us – in turn by helping people get educated and build their innovation literacy. Money received from speaking goes toward The Innographer’s open education and social impact initiatives.


Engaging Alex Bruton as a speaker
Photo taken by Candice Ward.

Engaging Alex Bruton as a speaker
Photo taken by TECTERRA.

Engaging Alex Bruton as a speaker
Photo taken by Candice Ward.

Engaging Alex Bruton as a speaker
Photo taken by Shaan Couture.

Engaging Alex Bruton as a speaker
Photo taken by Candice Ward.

Engaging Alex Bruton as a speaker
Photo taken by Alex’s wife!


Alex Bruton's TEDx Talk on Innovation Literacy | Why We Need to Innovate How We Learn to Innovate


  • “Dr. Bruton spoke at our conference and he was FABULOUS. He consulted and prepared well ahead of time to make sure he would be creating value for the audience. At the event he delivered a keynote and ran an interactive workshop that is part of a brand new certification program we are offering through the Unites States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (USASBE). Participants were raving about it and he received the highest ratings for his presentation. We are grateful for his contribution and look forward to his continued engagement in future events.”

    – Past President, United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship
  • “Thank you so much for sharing your creativity with us. I am awe-inspired!”

    – Professor of Innovation
  • “He is very personable and engages easily with his audience. He has developed and seamlessly incorporates first rate graphics and examples to illustrate and bolster his verbal presentations. He listens actively (not something most of us do enough of) and interacts comfortably with his audience. His workshops and lectures appear deceptively simple, and that is a clear reflection of the time and thought he puts into preparing and practicing his remarks… In short he is a triple threat presenter; informative, entertaining, and expert.”

    – Assistant Director of a Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership
  • “Alex Bruton is a thoughtful and engaging speaker. He gave an innovative and inspiring talk last year to a group of educators from across the country at the inaugural ConnectEd Canada Conference held in Calgary, Canada. He challenged the audience to consider how we can best prepare students for the world in which they will be living. Using a blend of humour, stories and creative images, Alex challenged the audience to consider viewing education from a different angle. I highly recommend Alex Bruton as a speaker who is provocative and insightful and isn’t afraid to push the boundaries around education and innovation.”

    – Grade 5 Math/Science teacher
  • “As a speaker and educator, he has the ability to connect with his audience – and provide them with a mindset, tools and process to spot opportunities and create impactful value … and they’ve left that experience empowered and equipped to change the world.”

    – Director at The Canadian Youth Business Foundation (now Futurpreneur Canada)
  • “Dr. Bruton is a great speaker and a very powerful communicator. He draws your attention very quickly to the points of focus, while still keeping you in view of the big picture. His visual aids are superb and keep you fully engaged. Best of all was the content – I felt very inspired and better equipped to accelerate the level of innovation in our organization.”

    – CEO, G-Locate Technologies
  • “Alex is a talented speaker with a way of making people happy to think and do new things.”

    – Audience member